American Woman Finds A Lump While In Iceland, Shares How Awesome Their Healthcare Is Compared To The US

There are plenty of horror stories about the U.S. healthcare system; for a supposedly advanced nation, the inability to provide basic, affordable care to ordinary Americans is baffling to Europeans, especially.

Sometimes U.S. citizens need to travel abroad to see exactly what they are missing; a visit to the emergency room is traumatic enough, it seems ridiculously unfair to saddle someone with years of debt too.

mage credits: MaryRobinette

Back in 2006, Nashville, Tennessee-based author Mary Robinette Kowal was in Iceland working as a puppeteer on a children’s television show called Lazytown. One day, while doing a regular check, she found a lump. “This wasn’t the first time I’d found a lump, but there’s always a sense of dread, Mary Robinette told Bored Panda. “Even though I knew it was probably nothing, because there’s no history of breast cancer in my family, there’s still a chance that it is going to be a problem.”

“I was dreading the process of having to navigate a healthcare system in a foreign language. I assumed that it would be as complicated as it was here, with the added challenge of not speaking much Icelandic.”

So began Mary Robinette’s (amazingly short) journey through the Icelandic healthcare system. She couldn’t speak highly enough of the professional, efficient and astonishingly cheap service, as well as the country as a whole. “I love it and would move back in a heartbeat,” she told us. “The landscape is stunningly gorgeous!”