Student Decided to Avoid Rental Scams and Built a House of 14m², the Interior Will Fascinate You

During our student years, we all go through countless situations, we have disappointments, we face problems, we meet new people and we live new experiences. But in most cases what is most problematic for young people is to find their own space, not only because they have grown and have been revealed, but because everyone at a given time needs to feel that something belongs to us.

But the reality is that finding a home that fits our needs is not easy, especially when it comes to costs, even a small bedroom is worth a fortune.

For a student it is not easy, especially when you have to pay for transportation, books and take charge of housing services. It’s because of that and his difficulty in finding a home that  Joel Weber had a great idea.

Joel studied in Texas, had time to look for a home but the costs were too expensive, however, he never gave up and thought of something incredible to solve his problem.

Instead of continuing to waste time looking for a home, he decided to build it with his own hands.

In the school library he got some construction books.

Then he started with the base that would be his new home. 

He invested all of his savings in the project even though he knew it was a big risk. It took almost a year and $ 15,000 to have his own little house. 

On the outside it looks quite small but when you enters in it, you’ll be shocked to see that it has everything necessary.

See how it looks inside!

This house has 14 square meters. Each space has been very well used, for example stairs Joel has used to store things, in addition to giving a personalized touch to the space.

When some people heard about Joel’s project, they offered to help with some materials, for example part of the wood is given away.

The bathroom has everything you need rather it is small, it also looks very modern, don’t you think?

His bed decided to place it in the “second floor”, above the kitchen and it seems quite cozy.

His kitchen is also very well equipped, perfect for making delicious food.

And the best part is that this small house has wheels so it is possible to transport it from one place to another.

Several people have contacted Joel to buy him his little house but he doesn’t want to sell it at the moment, however, he has thought about renting it for Airbnb, so don’t be surprised if one day you get to look at it on the net.

Finally, Joel managed to make his wish come true,  the result is fabulous!
Do you like the house that Joel has built? Would you like to have one? Name the person who would love to have a house like that.