The Health Secrets Of The Hunza People Who Live Over 100 Years And Are Cancer-Free

Cheerful, healthy and full of life, it seems as if the people of Hunza Valley belong to another planet. They eat fresh apricots, breathe the mountainous air, look youthful and they hardly ever get sick.

People are often surprised when they learn that the citizens of Hunza (also known as Burusho people) usually live up to the age 120. They can easily conceive even after 60 years and it is very rare for them to get tumors.

How is that possible? How do they stay healthy? What are their secrets? Let’s find out whether these are legitimate facts or merely myths.

1. Life expectancy of an average Hunza is 120 years.

Life expectancy of an average Pakistani is 67 years. While in Hunza, being 100 years old doesn’t make you an elderly person. Even at 100, they are surprisingly strong and sturdy.

The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is the secret behind it. Rather than living to eat, they eat to live. They have two meals a day; a rich breakfast in the morning followed by dinner after sunset. Moreover, they only eat natural food products such as fruits, vegetables, grains, milk, and cheese. There are no chemicals or additives in their meals.

2. It is very common for Hunzas to have children after the age of 60.

It might sound shocking to you, but Hunzas can readily conceive even between the ages of 60 and 90. Again, the secret to their youth is their exceptional diet and physical activity.

3. Hunzas don’t stress over little things. They are always smiling.

Tension, stress, and conflicting thoughts are unknown to Hunzas. They are completely free of stress-related diseases as they have made themselves fully immune to self-doubt and failures. It won’t be wrong to say that they lead lives like children. Content with their lives, the people of Hunza live in the moment.

4. Did you know that the people of Hunza are descendants of Alexander the Great? Yes, they could very well be Greek!

According to Burusho legend, people of Hunza descend from Baltir, the village that was founded when the army of Alexander the Great left behind sick soldiers in the valley as they could not keep up.

5. There is no such thing as cancer in Hunza

According to research, apricots of Hunza Valley are said to be the key behind the absence of tumors. Hunzas eat large amounts of the fruit which is rich in Amygdalin (vitamin B-17). Amygdalin is widely known for its anticancer properties.

6. The people of Hunza are not lazy. They are active and fast!

From dawn to dusk, the villagers work hard. Rather than watching movies and going on long drives, their idea of fun is to walk and indulge in sporty activities.

7. For two to four months, they don’t consume anything except for juice extracted from dried apricots.

Once a year for a period of two to four months, Hunzas take a break from their regular diet and solely live on the juice of dried apricots. It is an old tradition that they still follow during the time when apricots are unripe. Scientists agree that it contributes to their amazing health.

8. Drinking and bathing in the glacier water is the secret to their gorgeous skin!

Hunzas only drink and bathe in the pure glacier water that comes directly from the mountains. Their most famous ‘not-so-secret’ drink is an herbal tea that is made from boiled glacier water and a herb known as Tumuru. The glacier water and herbs are the reason they have such glowing skin.

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Credits: shughal, Images/Dawn